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About Us

The Ahmedabad Jung Centre (AJC) is committed to the development of Jungian thought and practice amongst mental health professionals across India. In 2020, it has obtained affiliation with the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAPP) as a developing group. It is now thriving under the expert leadership of Dr. Ashok Bedi M.D., Senior Jungian Psychoanalyst, USA.

President: Dr Minakshi Parikh M.D.
Vice President: Dr Nimesh Parikh M.D.
Secretary: Dr Nilima Shah M.D.
Treasurer: Dr Vrunda Patel D.P.M
Executive committee members:
Dr Nimrat Singh PhD
Dr Nitika Kumar PhD

We have about 60 deeply interested members from the field of Psychiatry, psychology and others from across India and few international members as well.
We have 12 aspiring routers (members training to became jungian analysts) and 4 routers of the IAAP.

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